How Can We Help You?

How Can We Help You?

JR-Software is a modern company building its competitive advantage on offering high quality, optimized programming solutions at an attractive price with additional programming support 24 hours a day. We design websites, implement online stores, write applications, run marketing campaigns on the web and collaborate with one of the best graphic designers in Krakow to create aesthetic and often sophisticated graphic designs. We make sure that the process of creating a modern, interactive website for your company is as understandable as possible and proceeds in accordance with the highest standards of customer service.

We are available to you during the year 365

Technical support hours a day24

Percentage of satisfied customers100%

The level of personalization of the offer for the client 100%

Number of solved programming problems

We also undertake difficult and demanding tasks such as the real and modernization of non-operating or virus-infected stores. We use proven and well-known all technologies as well as modern solutions only appearing on the market - depending on the requirements set in the client's project. We work with the EGILEX law firm to ensure that all websites and online stores we create are in line with the provisions of the personal data protection law (RODO) that we enter into force. We run an honest and transparent pricing policy - all services have a predetermined price included in the price list available on request, which is why so many customers stay with us permanently. Customers who have entered into an administrative agreement with us can count on full support every 24 hours a day.

programming languages, libraries, frameworks


The technologies we use are among the most proven on the market. Our team of programmers is a well-coordinated team with comprehensive knowledge in the field of designing and programming websites and web applications, we can boast of the following technologies:

We work using modern and safe technologies recommended by the W3C organization. We build websites based on the latest version of HTML5 and CSS3 supported by the JavaScript programming language with the support of JQUERY. We like to use Bootstrap and when Angulara needs it. We propose the most popular and liked by Wordpress users from various content management systems. Backendowo we help ourselves with good old and proven PHP. In addition, we create Java applications for the Android platform.


We create online stores based on content management systems such as: Presta Shop, Click Shop, Woocommerce, Shopper and Magento. The legitimacy of choosing a specific CMS depends on several factors, among others, the number of products, the server's processing power, the planned costs related to the development of the website and the functionality built into the CMS. The stores we create are optimized for speed and designed with SEO in mind so you can easily find your product directly from the google browser. We implement a design designed by graphic designers for CMS as well as we use paid templates from trusted producers. You decide whether you want an individual design or a proven solution made in a shorter time. If you have an extensive category tree, this is not a problem. We can offer you extensive search engines based on steps corresponding to specially created categories, which in a limited way will allow even a poorly oriented user to reach the needed product. You can also decide in what country your store will be displayed (based on geolocation by IP) and in which case, for example, if you only run a store in, for example, Great Britain, and do not want to sell in Poland. At the client's request, we integrate stores with warehouse programs such as Optima or Subiekt, thanks to which orders placed on the store almost instantly appear in your warehouse program. You can be sure that you will achieve sales success with JR-Software.


We create reponswyne (RWD) websites based on the most popular and user-friendly content management systems, so-called (CMS). Responsiveness is the ability to adapt the website to the resolution of the device to which it is displayed. Our websites are tested for display at different resolutions before implementation. The range we test is 320px - 4K. We adapt websites to the most popular browsers on the market, but not only. Pages created by JR-Sofrware will also display correctly on older devices equipped with old Internet Explorer browsers, we additionally guarantee a full match with Apple devices where the Safari browser is the leader. Content management systems designed for user convenience help you easily administer the site for almost everyone. The leading word is Wordpress, but Joomla is also just behind him, also liked by a wide range of users. Thanks to CMS you will be able to easily edit your website without programming knowledge. We create websites in accordance with the principles of user experience so that not only design, but also the convenience of use stand in the first place. You can be sure that your website will not lack modern solutions enriching the site with modern animations or tasteful colors and fonts

Search Engine Optimization

Do you need to gain new customers and increase your sales? and at the same time you want to maintain high visibility in the network for a long time? Then, positioning websites can be an ideal choice. Positioning is a tedious process that does not give an immediate result, but thanks to many modernization efforts of your site in a few months perspective you can achieve a high Google result on the passwords that interest you. To understand the complexity of positioning, it should be kept in mind that it is influenced by about 1000 different factors depending on each other. Any small detail can cause you to stay ahead of the competition. If you need a result, the Adwords campaign may be the perfect solution for you right away. Adwords campaigns are simply google ads displayed on the first page in search results. This solution will allow you to quickly reach your potential customers. It should be remembered that the price for campaigns depends on the number of passwords and competition on the given password. Our planner will recalculate them for you and present the forecasted number of views at a specific budget. If you are not sure which solution is right for you simply contact us. We will conduct a site audit for positioning and advise you on the right solution for your case.

JAVA, C++ Apps

Dedicated software is a guarantee of a flexible platform that will adapt to the needs of your company, help you to effectively achieve your goals and implement unique solutions. We know that each project requires an individual approach, and ready-made software often does not meet all the expectations of companies.  
Thanks to a thorough analysis, our team of Java experts is able to provide you with the best dedicated solutions that will improve the operations of your company. Entrusting us with your project, you get a guarantee of commitment and many years of experience of experts in the field of Java technology.  
Our team of Java specialists will take care of every detail at all stages of the project - from the analysis of customer needs through software architecture to its implementation. Thanks to many years of experience and consultation with the client, we are able to offer custom-made software, tailored to the company's needs and streamlining its operation.  
You can count on our support and help during the project. Together, we'll find the best solution for your business!  
We design and create, on request, dedicated internet and mobile applications that support high traffic  
Together with us, transform your idea into MVP and MVP into a functional product, leaving us with details of solutions and performance and quality problems.

Android Apps

We offer the implementation of any software for portable devices - mobile phones, smartphones, palmtops, consoles. The service includes the following forms of software:
stand-alone applications - operating on the device without the need to access the Internet, client applications - connecting via the Internet (wifi / gprs / 3g / lte) with the application on the server, internet applications - in the form of a website adapted to the small screen. Applications may be intended for internal use of the company (eg sales support, communication or other business processes), as well as for resale to mass customers. In the case of applications intended for the mass market, it is important to put them in the appropriate online store, so that users can easily find and buy them. There is a dedicated store for each hardware platform - including Apple App Store (for iPhone and iPad applications), Google Play (formerly: Adroid Market), Nokia Ovi Store, Samsung Apps, Windows Phone Marketplace. We offer full support for the software placement process in the store, including: creating an application in accordance with store guidelines, carrying out the required tests, obtaining relevant certificates, formal application submission to the store, paying fees associated with the publication of the application. The cost of implementing a mobile application depends on many factors - from the functional scope, the technology used, the degree of use of advanced hardware functions. In order to obtain an accurate quote and execution time, please contact us - usually we are able to prepare an offer within 2-3 days. Preparation of the offer is free.


Our offer includes: utility graphics, designs of advertising materials, logo design and visual identification, creating websites.
Familiarize yourself with the details of the offer:
It designs not only logos and logos but also entire company graphics systems, which is presented in the "Book of the logo". The rules of using the logo, colors and other graphic elements included in it contain examples of typical applications (business cards, letterheads, envelopes) and others according to your needs.
CD covers and books leaflets catalogs posters posters billboards press advertisements The works include preparation of the project and preparation for printing by specifications of the printing house.
DRAWING   illustrations technical illustrations (operating instructions) ornaments painting
MULTIMEDIA   presentations (PowerPoint type) interface and icons for computer programs animations

recent works

Our Portfolio



Product catalog of the bathroom fitting manufacturer

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Catalog page of the second largest manufacturer of bathroom fittings in India. The company has branches in the United Kingdom, Thailand, Italy and has recently entered the Polish market. The site contains an extensive catalog of over 1000 products along with photos and downloadable instructions. The site has been equipped with a user-friendly system for writing news, product search engine, newsletter and has been optimized for the speed of knitting. Made for displaying on mobile devices, tablets and desktops.


Automax Polska

Business platform

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B2B platform for business customers of one of the largest distributors of car accessories in Slovakia and Poland. Prices are visible only to logged in users who can place orders in a dedicated customer panel. The placed order is automatically sent to the Comarch warehouse program, with which the platrofma is fully integrated. Platrofma has been equipped with an interactive map, contact form and extensive animations. It is adapted for use on mobile devices and 4k resolution.




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Shop of the largest manufacturer of shoe cleaning machines in the world - Heute. The store was based on the ClickShop platrofm. The products contain extended attributes, quick shopping, search engine and contact form.




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Shop with sport accessories. The store has been designed based on the previous version using the CMS PrestaShop system, which means it has a built-in newsletter, is well optimized for viewing on mobile devices and has a semantic code prepared for positioning.




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Shop with internal combustion engines of the largest distributor of Lifan engines in Poland. The store allows you to place quick purchases without registration, has a customer login panel and the possibility of subscribing. It has extensive administrative facilities, a contact form and an animated slider. The store has been adapted to be displayed on mobile devices and properly secured via the https protocol. Optimization of speed has also been performed.